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sizeMillet TV 3S 55 "one
3999 Yuan
screenTrue 4K Ultra HD screen
3Dnot support
BacklightMillet / Radiant jointly developed a bottom side LED
Smart backlight-8 partition smart regulation
Dynamic backlightstand by
Motion compensation-
Viewing angle178°
Dynamic Response8 ms
Refresh rate60hz
Processor and memory
CPUT968 Amlogic
Cortex A53 quad-core 1.8GHz
GPUMali-T830 MP2 750MHz
RAMDual Channel 2GB DDR3
Flash Memory8GB eMMC 5.0
Wireless Configuration
WiFiDual-band 2.4 / 5GHz, 802.1 la / B / G / n-,
2x2 dual antenna receiver could double
Bluetooth4.0 BLE Bluetooth low power, independent Bluetooth antenna, multiple devices can be
simultaneously connected Bluetooth remote control, mouse, keyboard, earphone, audio, and other wireless unit
And the number of interfaces
HDMIHDMI 2.0ax 3 (inclusive an ARC)
Analog signal
USBUSB 2.0 x 1 th
USB 3.0 x 1 th
Audio outputS / PDIF x 1 th
Audio and video playback performance
Built Mi-Player full-format player
supports RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 , and all other mainstream formats
H.265 / H.264
hardware decoding
H.265 4k @ 60帧
H.264 4k @ 30帧
Other decodingMPEG1 / 2/4 DivX4 VC-1/60 @ 5 WMV3 1080P
REAL8 / 9/10 1080P @ 30
The audio decodingAUDIO DOLBY, DTS- HD audio dual decoding
Dolby sound
The latest Dolby sound technology
- Virtual Surround Sound
- Bass Boost
- on Bai Zengqiang
- Automatic volume adjustment
WooferTV speaker: 2 x 8W
Wireless ControlSupport by phone App edit play a single song, adjust volume and sound, stereo upgrade the firmware
wirelessly connect mobile phones, tablets and laptops and other devices to play
operating system
More shorter see sheet path. Allowing you to more quickly find the movie you want to see.
MIUI has always maintained a simple and practical design, and smarter.
Have you got the TV into a small exchange partner, it is saying you can say I feel bad today, it can also give you recommend the recent hit film.
It does not matter if you do not remember the title, by actors nickname, fuzzy character name and other conditions can find you want to see.
In the course, you will find it getting better, getting to understand you.
Built-in Intelligent Application
Watch the video
Online Video
Invest 1 billion US dollars to build video library, more than 100 video content partners, brought together four video content licensed party (a total of seven licenses square), covering movies, TV hit series, Variety thing as a parent-child animation, documentaries, etc. massive resources, continued to increase in ......
HD player
Local television broadcast artifact, not only can browse the U disk, mobile hard drives, computer videos, pictures and music content, the poster can automatically match the details and the subtitles or lyrics for audio and video files.
Games, applications
Game centre
Built for the big-screen gaming area, the latest, hottest and remote control handle games readily available. New somatosensory area gym, tennis, badminton, golf and other somatosensory game at home so that you can move up.
app Store
Hundreds of applications fit the TV screen, audio-visual power of music, learn yoga, dance weight loss exercises, teach your baby to learn English, to give the baby a story, so the whole family can enjoy Smart TV.
Listening to music
looking Mito
Music rice crackers
Custom single song, the whole family and everyone can have their own dedicated channel, a key switch channels, children can easily operate immediately to bedtime stories.
Fashion Illustrated
With a number of magazines, fashion magazines offer free high-definition 4K TV on millet, covering beauty, food, clothing, jewelry, stars, children, families, family, sports, health and other large Mito.
More intimate Applications
TV Butler
A key clean-up, for television acceleration. Rubbish, uninstall the software, use the TV at a glance, powerful TV butler
the weather
Real-time weather conditions, the next five days domestic and international cities weather. Customize their attention to cities, real-time query weather conditions. Support voice interaction, say the weather conditions at any time you want to know the TV now!
Data provided by the Chinese weather network, rainbow weather.
you can check holiday vacation time, check the almanac.
Note: There are more exciting applications to whichever television system
PatchWall, need to upgrade the TV system version.
Intelligent Internet function
Wireless DisplayBuilt-meters linking protocol to support mobile phone, tablet, laptop wireless voted screen display, compatible with Airplay, Miracast and other agreements.
Phone control
Cast artifact screen mobile phone application
The use of mobile applications "vote screen artifact" is available direct phone TV remote control, search and on-demand video, pictures and videos projected phones, TV software installation management, real-time interception of TV screens.
Smart Home
Millet router
Not only can be played directly in the router movies, music and picture content, can automatically match the poster for the audio and video files, the details and subtitles or lyrics. By TV router can also upgrade the system.
Small ants camera
Small ants camera can directly view the real-time monitoring screen TV. While watching TV, you can also view real-time monitor by PIP small window.
Millet bracelet
View your data millet bracelet with television, including the movement and quality of sleep every day.
Millet air purifier
Real-time view of indoor and outdoor air quality on television, and directly with a remote control remote ON / OFF purifier.
Millet purifier
Check the working conditions at home water purifier on television, including the water quality and water filtration (TDS).
Millet smart socket
Direct view television smart socket current operating state, and can directly use the remote control switch socket.
Size, weight and other
Screen size
Free base weight of 13.9Kg bare
bare metal base containing heavy 14.2Kg
Free base weight of 16.6Kg bare
bare metal base containing heavy 17.3Kg
The whole process双45°钻切工艺边框
Host size and weight-
Host Process-
Wall hangingSupports the wall, if necessary, please call 400-100-5678
Note: The screw diameter, length depending on the product model, the product in order to avoid internal damage, we recommend that you use a dedicated wall mount.
Wall Dimensionsmitv3s_55_new_bgsize.jpg
power supplyWorking voltage of 200 ~ 240V
Total power 160W Standby <0.5W
energy efficiency grade 3
Packing List * Some accessories are non-standard accessories, please refer to the actual purchase of the product version shall prevail.
Host computer-
Installation Notes1 part
Millet Bluetooth handset *-
Accessories boxParts list box
remote controlInfrared remote control x 1 Ge (millet Bluetooth support voice and somatosensory remote control)
Use of the environment
Operating temperature 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, humidity 20% to 80%
Storage temperature -15 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, relative humidity <80%

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